Courageous Intimacy Mastermind

Enrollment Opens May 4, 2024

Single or Married - we all have a relationship with our sexuality that is healthy or unhealthy.

Do you have any of these symptoms?

  • Watching porn when you don't want to

  • Having sex because it is the only source of touch

  • Using masturbation to cope with stress

  • Experiencing guilt over arousal at the "wrong" time

  • Addicted to ejaculation

  • Can't see a beautiful person without lust

  • Lost in fantasy, video games, or money

  • Discomfort with nudity

  • Performing instead of connecting in the bedroom

  • Shame over unspoken / unmet sexual desires

  • Involuntary celibacy


I've been there...

If unaddressed, these symptoms can lead to recurring cycles of unwanted behavior, feeling guilty, out of control, powerless, afraid, disconnected from God, ignorance about the body, struggling in relationships.

Solutions I Tried

  • Asking God to Remove my Sex Drive

  • Averting my Eyes

  • Rejecting Intimacy of Any Kind

  • Awkward Accountability Groups

  • Pretending like Sex is not Important

  • Reading the Bible More

What I Really Wanted

Liberate your sexuality without losing your faith

Let go of shame and feel integrate, whole, powerful

Stop spending all the time fleeing...

Integrate sex and spirituality from a Christian perspective

Be spiritually faithful; Sexually free

Step One:

Discover a New Christian Sexual Ethic

Release Shame, Guilt, & Fear

Define A Healthy Sexual Expression

Get Permission for a Great Sex Life


Sacred not Sinful: A New Christian Sexual Ethic

Spiritual Advising

Rule Over - 6 week Course

Step Two:

Integrate Faith & Sexuality

Set your Goal

Make a Plan

Get Support

Share the Journey


Hero's Call - 1 to 1 Mentorship

Know Thyself - Life Review


Everything you need for a lifetime of sexual satisfaction

Unlock what you already know

I believe you already have the answer...

Outcomes of Integrated Faith & Sexuality

The Lord has not given us a spirit of fear, but of Power, Love, and a Sound Mind













Join the Mastermind Pilot Group


Know Thyself

Life Review

Specifically focused on events that shaped current sexual ethics, identity, and challenges.

Pre-requisite for joining the Mastermind as it is a key to owning your sexual past as a building block for a healthy future.



1 to 1 Mentorship

Part of every mastermind journey, this personalized 1 to 1 mentorship is designed to help you address your specific challenges of cultivating a healthy sex life.

We will identify your goals, ccreate a strategy to achieve them, identify the resources and support you need, and check in to optimize progress.



6 - week course

This is the mastermind onboarding course that introduces the four key areas of growth that we will focus on in the mastermind.





Course is completed over 6 consecutive weeks of live calls with a cohort of 6-12 men.


6 - months

The Courageous Intimacy Mastermind is designed to help you unlock your leadership potential by asking each person to contribute to the group through presentation or topics, facilitation of discussions, and setting and achieving personal goals. All members are expected to honor the core values of curiosity, compassion, & creativity. However, the structure, topics, and direction of the mastermind are determined by the members around the goal of integrating faith & sexuality.

Option for monthly membership after initial 6-month commitment

Enrollment Opens May 4, 2024

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